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Growing up on a farm, outside of Seattle, Washington, Andrew’s early years were filled with adventures in the outdoors and being connected to nature.  As he grew, he found his career path took him in many directions such as law and politics, fields he thought would be fulfilling.  However, over time Andrew came to realize this path toward what society deemed as success, was in fact distancing him from his dreams.

Only after facing several unexpected hardships, where the life Andrew had constructed based on cultural ideas of success began to crumble, did he awake to find his own path.  This path led to the mountains where Andrew relearned to turn discomfort and challenge into growth and gratitude.

Andrew continues to be about redefining one’s relationships with discomfort, altering one’s perspectives on achievement, honing one’s hold on humility, and unifying the fragmented aspects of oneself through this process to reach a sense of wholeness. Andrew realizes the peak of success is to seek beyond the summit, to see the entirety of the journey.

Fastest Known Times and Firsts

Andrew continues on a journey exploring the world and its’ highest mountains. He has completed six of the Seven Summits (highest mountains on each continent) and six of the Seven Volcanic Summits (highest volcanoes on each continent) and is in pursuit of the rarely realized Explorers’ Grand Slam.

Last year Andrew also  became the fastest and first American man and third person ever to complete the Antarctica Trifecta with his climbing partner Roxanne Vogel by consecutively Skiing the Last Degree to the South Pole and reaching the summits of Mount Vinson (the highest mountain) and Mount Sidley (the highest volcano) in Antarctica.

Andrew will also be attempting the seldom accomplished 8000M double in Nepal this April and May, 2021. First climbing Everest and completing the Seven Summits, a feat roughly around only 400 people have ever accomplished. Then within 24 hours reaching the summit of Lhotse which is the 4th highest mountain in the world. This feat has been done by only around 40 people ever.

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“There exists an explorer within us all. Anyone who is willing to seek out the unknown and new knowledge, explore the depths of one’s own life, and push the perceived limitations we place on ourselves is an explorer of “self” taking part in the greatest expedition of all…the living of one’s life.”

– Andrew Hughes