About Me

Explorer Dreamer Writer

From the small town of Poulsbo, Washington, Andrew pursued a path that checked all the boxes that aligned with the socially acceptable narrative of success -from what he studied, to his career choices, and his relationships.

When failure found Andrew and the world he had constructed began to crumble, he found thefoundations of his life were built upon other people’s dreams and not his own. Faced with a choice to embrace the uncomfortable and the unknown, the mountains unveiled truths and unearthed realizations that led Andrew down a more genuine path towards his own dreams.

His journey is about redefining one’s relationships with discomfort, altering one’s perspectives on achievement, and unifying the fragmented aspects of oneself through this process.

Andrew continues on a journey exploring the world and its’ highest mountains. He has completed six of the Seven Summits (highest mountains on each continent) and six of the Seven Volcanic Summits (highest volcanoes on each continent) and is in pursuit of the rarely realized Explorers’ Grand Slam.

He recently became the fastest and first American man and third person ever to complete the Antarctica Trifecta with his climbing partner Roxanne Vogel by consecutively Skiing the Last Degree to the South Pole and reaching the summits of Mount Vinson (the highest mountain) and Mount Sidley (the highest volcano) in Antarctica.