Everest + Lhotse 2021

Official Expedition Announcement

In 9 days, I depart for Nepal. This return is nearly two years from the 2019 season when I fell short of the summit with pneumonia during our summit rotation and was evacuated by helicopter from 21,500 feet to a Kathmandu Hospital for recovery. There was never a doubt in my heart I would return one day and it is with the most immense gratitude and humility which I return seeking these humbling heights.

I will be attempting the seldom accomplished 8000M+ double, first by climbing Everest and completing the Seven Summits, a feat roughly around only 400 people have ever accomplished. Then within 24 hours reaching the summit of Lhotse, which is the 4th highest mountain in the world. This has been achieved by only around 40 people. Additionally I will be attempting two fun altitude related Guinness World Records.

I absolutely realize we are promised nothing when we seek, only the opportunity to uncover unknowns that exist within the world and within ourselves.

My journey into the mountains started several years ago and has been a communion with reconnection to the natural world and to a place and way I aspire to exist within it.  It has deepened my Self knowledge, heightened my humility, and broken up dams of discomfort that were keeping me from going after my dreams. 

My path into the world of high peaks has brought a community of similar seekers driven by their own dreams and it has brought realizations that simply to seek summits is not enough…one must use the platform of these peak perspectives to push for greater goods, including improved accessibility and diversity within the outdoors and conscious choices in sustainability to combat climate change and make us into stewards of these special spaces.

I’ve never viewed the mountains adversarially, but instead as an ally and friend in my lifelong pursuit of learning, understanding, and growing. I seek the summits before me with great preparation and conviction. In the end it is every step towards them, and from them, that matters just as much. I cherish each step I am afforded. For whether those steps are carrying me up the mountain, or down the mountain, each step I take I aim to make a step of progress ever forward and ever shared with all those in my life, who share in each journey and stand with me on every summit.

I welcome you to join and invite others to join in the sharing of this exciting upcoming Everest / Lhotse Expedition.

I look so forward to sharing the months ahead and beyond with you each of you.

With gratitude,

Andrew Hughes

How To Follow Along:

There are a number of great ways to follow along and share in this expedition, including:

Instagram: Will be posting stories and posts throughout the expedition. If you aren’t already you can follow me @andrew_i_hughes or https://www.instagram.com/andrew_i_hughes/ 

Track Me Daily: My Garmin InReach Mini will provide daily real-time map tracking of my progress, including elevations, speed, location and even the chance to send questions which I will do my best to get back to as quickly as possible or will respond to via Instagram to share with all.

The link to this is: https://share.garmin.com/AndrewClimbsEverestLhotse2021 

Website: Will also be posting updates via my new personal blog which is at https://andrewihughes.com/everest-lhotse-2021/ 

Expedition Dispatches: Daily expedition dispatches will be also posted on Madison Mountaineering’s website here:  https://madisonmountaineering.com/cat-dispatches/everest/everest-2021/  

Fundraising for Climate Change:

A key focus of this climb for me is fundraising for Human Rights Watch. Human Rights Watch is doing incredible work in regard to climate change, and my intention is to highlight their advocacy in this area, which looks at the direct effect on the rights of communities around the world who are caught on the frontlines of climate related environmental consequences.

My goal is to raise $29,032 – a dollar for every foot of elevation, a dollar to make a difference, a dollar to deliver meaningful change and advocacy.

I would be humbled by your donation and support of this important work being carried out by HRW. 

The link to give is in my profile bio or you can go to this site to give: hrw.org/andrewhughes 

Emphasizing the importance of sustainability, conservationism, and ways in which we can help combat climate change are part of the conversation I aim to elevate throughout and beyond this expedition. 

Online Learning Project – “An Everest For All”:

The last 12 months have forced so many of us into lives and situations we could have never imagined, dealing with challenges and struggles both individual to ourselves and at the same time, in some ways, shared by all.

My hope is by providing access and sharing in this journey I will bring a sense of connection and curiosity to the world that awaits all of us soon to explore again – be it near or far – and instill the idea we are all explorers no matter who or where we are.

If are are you an educator, a parent or a student, then I would love to hear from you! My hope is to collaborate with you in creating an opportunity to bring an Everest expedition into your actual or online classroom and learning spaces.

Throughout the expedition there will be opportunities to engage, learn, and interact as I trek into Everest Base Camp, and during our acclimatization rotations until till we reach for the summit.

Some options are the same as previously mentioned, including the ability to daily track the expedition through my personal GPS and ask questions through this live tracking interface along the way. Additionally, there will be opportunities to organize a Q&A, create a discussion on climate and sustainability issues highlighting ways all of us can make small, but meaningful measures to make a difference. 

In the end, my hope is to motivate and instill the idea that we are all explorers seeking our daily summits and are all agents of change through our daily choices. 

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing this unique experience and learning opportunity with your classroom! 

Gratitude For Those Supporting Me On This Journey:

Partnering with purpose is crucial. On the mountain, those you rope in with it become directly connected to your success and safety and this same perspective has influenced who I have partnered with on this expedition.

I am beyond grateful to be collaborating and partnering with a collection of incredible brands and companies who continue to support me and share in so many ways the belief that be it an individual or business, we can be conscious elevators of advocacy and change for the overall well being of our world and the crucial causes impacting our communities. 

To learn more about these wonderful brands I have attached their websites and social media links below:
















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