My Dream Of Everest Begins

Years have led to this day. So many steps – upward, downward, forward, and at times backwards – but all towards this moment as I step into my dream of reaching the summit of Everest. 

Over the next two months I will journey from Seattle through Nepal and hopefully to the summit of Everest at 29,029 feet. I will carry the love, positive thoughts, well-wishes, and prayers from any and all faiths with me every singular step. Knowing every one of them fills me with strength and fortifies my spirit during those times I struggle as I strive for the summit. You are with me and together we will ascend and advance on this adventure as one.

As I go, I hope to share as much as possible from this opportunity for which I have the greatest gratitude to be on no matter the outcome. Below are some key links surrounding my Everest expedition to keep you ever connected to this hopeful pursuit.

Thank you for all the love and support!

Instagram Photos + Stories from Everest:
My Instagram account will be where I try to daily post stories and occasionally new photos beginning in Katmandu today and throughout the adventure whenever I have wifi (as I may in basecamp). Feel free to message me here as well. 

My Everest Blog:
First, thank you so much to Katie Collins who helped me get this functional in a few days before leaving. Here I will try to leave longer pieces about the Everest experience I am experiencing, sharing, and witnessing.

Humane Society of the United States – Fundraising Page:
Trying to make every meter count, this is the link to my Humane Society fundraising page where I am striving to raise a $1 for every meter of elevation of Mount Everest. Feel free to share this with anyone as together you can not only join me in the journey, but in using it as a path to support an incredible organization and cause.

Adventure Consultants Webcast From Everest:
My expedition will be with Adventure Consultants who have been running Everest expeditions for 26 years – one of the first to commercially operate on the mountain. They will often post dispatches from the mountain and will be the only real access to up to date information on our position and progress when we are above Everest Base Camp and on the mountain.


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