The Trek To Everest Base Camp Begins

Never have I known a place like Nepal. It is a place seeded in spirituality, rooted in the kindness of the Sherpa people, and boundlessly blossoms with natural beauty.

After days in the pollution and intense energy of Katmandu, the first days of our trek to Everest have daily unveiled an ever deeper peace as we have traveled through the Khumbu Valley.

Mediation through movement, I have been moved into moments of awe over and over again.

I’ve witnessed the incredible diversity of travelers along the path and learned the range of reasons which have brought each us to this place. We are not divided by these differences, but delivered to a place where are common calling here highlights are commonalities.

As I continue my journey, I wish to you that the peace of this place find you wherever you are and I hope to return to share the positivity with all of you which has been poured into my heart and spirit.

Namaste to you all!


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