Training for the Khumbu Icefalls

Proximity to a dream can also be deceiving as to the realization of that dream. A dream within reach still requires the requisite commitment to fully become one with one’s heart’s desires.

You have come so far, but like any love driven dream – proximity is simply a humbling and thankful point at which the most meaningful work and acknowledged risks must be undertaken to realize the full depth of the love – be it a mountain summit or someone who you would move mountains for.

Waking each morning the Khumbu Falls greet me with their brutal and dangerous beauty through which I must pass in order to reach the summit of Everest. Acknowledging them I do not remain frozen and fixated upon them. Instead I train on how best to hone my skills to soon humbly enter them.

Simulating what will be asked of me to pursue this beloved dream, I climb higher to acclimate, I clarify my skills to mirror what will be presented before me, and I ceremoniously open myself to the traditions and spirit that are interwoven into the tapestry of this dream.

In the end, I choose to let the hope and risks fortify one another and give me courage to reach each day ever closer to my heart’s truth, which holds this summit and so much more.


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