Summits + Notable Attempts

Mt. Rainier (x 2) – Summit Reached 5/14 and 8/20 – Altitude 14,411 – Washington State, USA

Aconcagua (2 attempts) – Summit Attempt 1/16 + Summit Reached 1/17 – Altitude 22,841 – Highest mountain on South American Continent and a Seven Summit. Highest mountain in Argentina and in the Western Hemisphere.

Pico de Orizaba – Summit Reached 4/16 – Altitude 18,491- Highest volcano in North America and a Volcanic Seven Summit. Highest mountain in Mexico.

Denali – Summit Reached 6/16 – Altitude 20,310 – Highest mountain on North American Continent and a Seven Summit. Highest mountain in USA.

Cerro San Francisco – Summit Reached 2/17 – Altitude 19,700 – Atacama Plateau in North Chile

Cerro Dona Ines – Summit Reached 2/17 – Altitude 16,650 – Atacama Plateau in North Chile

Cerro Mulas Muertas – Summit Reached 2/17 – Altitude 19,383 – Atacama Plateau in North Chile

Ojos Del Salado – Summit Reached 2/17 – Altitude 22,615 – Highest volcano in the world. Highest mountain in Chile. Second highest mountain on South American Continent and a Second Seven Summit. Highest volcano in South America and a Volcanic Seven Summit.

Hvannadalshnukur – Summit Reached 6/17 – Altitude 6,923 – Highest mountain in Iceland.

Elbrus – Summit Reached 6/17 – Altitude 18,510 – Highest mountain on European Continent and a Seven Summit. Highest volcano in Europe and a Volcanic Seven Summit. Highest mountain in Russia.

Kilimanjaro – Summit Reached 7/17 – Altitude 19,341 – Highest mountain on African Continent and a Seven Summit. Highest volcano in Africa and a Volcanic Seven Summit. Highest free-standing mountain in the world. Highest mountain in Tanzania.

Mt Bierstadt – Summit Reached 9/17 – Altitude 14,065 – Colorado, USA

Kosciuzko – Summit Reached 3/18 – Altitude 7,310 – Highest mountain on Australia Continent and a Seven Summit. Reached the summit twice on consecutive days.

Mt Townsend – Summit Reached 3/18 – Altitude 7,247 – Second highest mountain on Australia Continent and a Second Seven Summit. 

Mt Giluwe – Summit Reached 3/18 – Altitude 14,327 – Highest volcano on Australian and Oceania continents and a Volcanic Seven Summit. Second highest mountain in Papua New Guinea.

Carstensz Pyramid – Summit Reached 3/18 – Altitude 16,023 – Highest mountain on Oceania Continent and a Seven Summit. Highest mountain in Indonesia and highest island mountain on Earth.

Grand Paradiso – Summit Reached 6/18 – Altitude 13,323 – Highest mountain in Italy

Mont Blanc – Summit Reached 6/18 – Altitude 15,782 – Highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe. Highest mountain in France. 

Ben Nevis – Summit Reached 6/18 – Altitude 4,413 – Highest mountain Scotland

Mt Snowdon – Summit Reached 10/18 – Altitude 3,560 – Highest mountain in Wales

Cerro Pasochoa – Summit Reached 2/19 – Altitude 13,776 – Located in Ecuador

Cumbre Rucu Pichincha – Summit Reached 2/19 – Altitude 15,728 – Located in Ecuador

Cayambe – Summit Reached 2/19 – Altitude 18,966 – The third highest mountain in Ecuador. It is the only major mountain in the world whose summit is crossed by the equator and the only snow-capped mountain directly on the equator. It is also the coldest place on the equator.

Cotopaxi – Summit Reached 2/19 – Altitude 19,347 – One of the world’s highest active volcanoes and second highest mountain in Ecuador.

Chimborazo – Summit Reached 2/19 – Altitude 20,564 – Summit is the farthest point of the earth’s surface from the center of the earth. Highest mountain in Ecuador. 

Chhukung Ri – Summit Reached 4/19 – Altitude 18,029 – Located in Nepal

Everest – Summit Attempt 4-5/19 – Altitude Reached 23,635 – Camp 3 Reached, then contracted bacterial pneumonia requiring helicopter evacuation from 21,000 feet

Mt Sinai – Summit Reached 11/19 – Altitude 7,497 – Located in Egypt

Ski the Last Degree to the South Pole – Pole Reached 12/19 – Most southerly point on Earth.

Vinson Massif – Summit Reached 1/20 – Altitude 16,050 – Highest mountain on Antarctica Continent and a Seven Summit. My 6th of the Seven Summits.

Mt Sidley – Summit Reached 1/20 – Altitude 14,058 – One of the most remote mountains on Earth. Highest volcano on Antarctica continent and a Volcanic Seven Summit. 54th person to ever summit. Set a new variation on an existing route.

Mt Elbert – Summit Reached 6/20 – Altitude 14,439 – Colorado, USA

Mt Everest – Summit Reached 5/22 – Altitude 29,032 – Located in Nepal. Highest mountain in the world. Seventh Summit for Asia. Completed my Seventh of the Seven Summits, a feat only around 500 people have ever done in history.

Iztaccihuatl – Summit Reached 5/22 – 8th Highest Mountain in North America. 3rd Highest Volcano in North America. Located in Mexico.


Guinness World Records – Multiple Attempts in Fall ’22 + Winter ’23 – Currently have been approved to attempt three different world records which span expeditions from the high Atacama Plateau in Chile to the crater of Kilimanjaro. These attempts will integrate a mix of mountaineering and other adventure sports. Each record holds unique opportunities for creative campaigns and capturing of content which will be included when successful in the Guinness World Record. I would be happy to share more details about each of these record seeking feats upon request and will be putting together individual decks for each in the coming months.

Ski the Last Degree to the N Pole – Attempting 4/23 – Most Northerly Location on Earth. Would Complete the Explorers Grand Slam by climbing all Seven Summits and Reaching Both Poles. Around 70 people have done this in history. Will include the making of a short documentary, a youth outreach initiative known as “Wishful Expeditions”, and will raise funds for Human Rights Watch.

Mt Kenya – Attempting 6/23 – Where around 35,000 reach the summit of Kilimanjaro each year – the highest mountain in Africa – only around 50 reach the true summit of Mt Kenya (Batian). The North Face Standard Route on Batian is a serious climb for experienced rock climbers and alpinists. Normally the summit day is well over 12 hours long. While most of the climbing is on mid-5th class rock, there is one 5.9 pitch and several at a 5.8 standard. Add to this the challenge of technical rock at 17,000 feet above sea level, and the alpine nature of the route, and it amounts to a very demanding route. There is also the chance to summit Nelion at 17,017 feet first, then to continue on to Batian from the summit of Nelion, crossing the impressive “Gate of the Mists”. This is much more difficult, and involves crossing steep snow slopes, rappels, and possibly fixing a rope for the return out of the “Gate”. Most climbers who attempt this plan on a bivouac near the summit of Nelion. This climb has been on my short list of dream climbs for some years. It also would complete the 3rd of my list of the Second Seven Summits (the second highest mountains on each continent) of which I have completed already in both South America and Australia. I have also applied for a world record that would be connected to this expedition and am awaiting for approval to attempt it.