As the world contends with Covid-19 and we individually become seemingly more isolated and detached from the daily routines we have known there are means by which we may remain connected to health, wellness, and one another. For though we are presently sheltered in our homes, it doesn’t mean we aren’t still connected to our dreams awaiting us in our future. 

Personally, in the last 10 days I have had both my first marathon and my expedition to attempt Mount Everest and Lhotse in Nepal – the highest mountain in the world and the fourth highest mountain in the world – canceled after months upon months of training and years upon years of preparing and dreaming.

BUT…no marathon, no Everest, still means no reason to stop training for the unknown before me which will one day arrive. We can all continue to step up for what must be done now, so we can all step into the dreams of what we long to do one day in the future. 

I invite you to join me in my own #STEPUPTOGETHER CHALLENGE over the next 30 days.

Here is how it will work:

Each day seek out a way to do 100 step ups / stairs / box steps

It is that simple!

I will share my daily steps via my stories on Instagram at @andrew_i_hughes and keep them in my highlights. Would love to see your own as we #STEPUPTOGETHER – so please share and send photos and videos my way so we can motivate one another during these difficult moments in time.

As for the step ups, go as fast or as slow as you would like. Throw on a backpack with items from your pantry or carry water jugs in your hands. Provide a piggy back to your kid as you knock them out on your front stoop or in your apartment building’s staircase. The key is to stay in or around your home / neighborhood and most importantly to stay active.

Feel free to extend this to up to 30-45 minutes for a full workout session. Get creative, just keep it close to home as we all do our part to combat Covid spreading throughout our communities. And remember to always apply social distancing (so don’t choose a busy staircase, like say the Howe Street Stairs in Seattle which is a favorite of mine, but which I am avoiding during this time).

Also share on social media your responsible and respectful way of staying active, staying local, as you step up for yourself, for one another, and step up to the challenge we all share. This is a time to motivate one another, come together, and inspire positivity amidst these shared challenging times.

I have always believed no summit is arrived at alone, for in that seemingly singular moment and step it is all those in our lives and all that we have experienced prior that is present with us as a part of reaching that moment of summit realization. Much like now, we all seemingly are isolated and alone – but together we are working ever towards a goal in support of one another through the steps we take.

We can gain strength through struggle and can reach great heights though daily committment. We are being called to step up for our communities…so let’s also step up for ourselves. Our own “Everyday Everest” is calling – it is time to reach for our highest selves and redefine ourselves through a small dose of daily discomfort as we #STEPUPTOGETHER



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