Finding the Spirit of Nepal

In striving for new heights the celebrations we share on mountain tops do not eclipse the imbedded and deep spirit of Nepal, nor the spirits that have come to rest here in the pursuit of the same dream – the summit of Mount Everest.

From the prayers flags beaten by the elements, but ever unfaltering in their essence – to the local Nepalese toiling with and tilling the land while the Himalayas hang humbling overhead – this is a place where peace and spirituality are heightened by the the elemental and existing struggle this place also provides. It is a beauty fortified through hardship, not an avoidance of hardship.

As we continue our journey, I acknowledge and embrace ever more the deep connection of this country and its communities to the meaningfulness of my dream to summit Everest.

Namaste and thank you for joining and sharing with me this path.


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